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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Joy of Forgiveness

Romans 12:14

I have had anger issues in my life. Sometimes, the angry feelings that I harbored in my heart felt like unbearable pain, which made me depressed and sad as well. I held grudges against the people who I felt had hurt me. I even hated myself for the things that had caused me pain. My life was an open wound, and remembering past hurts on a daily basis was like pouring salt in them. I turned a deaf ear to God, my family, my friends, and anyone who "knew what I was going through". How could anyone understand how I felt?

After asking God's forgiveness, I began to forgive myself. I felt my Spirit begin to heal. I started to feel more acceptable to myself. I? began to feel even better when I began to forgive people I felt had hurt me. Smiling became easier, so did expressing myself and sharing my feelings to others. The wall I had built began to crumble, and I found it easier to forgive myself and others. And I didn't stop there.

 Romans 12:14 tells us to "Bless our enemies, bless and do not curse". So I began blessing those that I was forgiving, so that God would show them them the truth and they, too, could repent and gain forgiveness. Think of the Happiness that would flow around the world if everyone did this. It is can be hard sometimes to forgive those that have harmed us or someone we love. And even harder to bless them! But if we can, we begin to experience the unconditional love that God has for us all.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happiness, Born From Trust

Psalm 37:3-4  HCSB

Having trust in someone means that you depend on that person in one way or another. As adults, we put our trust in many people.  We trust in the energy company to keep your service running smoothly.  We trust that the garbage will be picked up on the scheduled day.  Our lives sometimes revolve around the trust we have in others to make our lives easier.
As the children of God, happiness comes when we are totally dependant on Him to meet our needs.  This gives us the freedom to make the right choices because we know the outcome will be for our happiness and God's glory.  Psalm 37:3 instructs us to "trust in the Lord and do good, dwell in the land and live securely".  God can do what no human can.  There is nothing beyond his reach.  As Christians, we feel overwhelming joy knowing that our Heavenly Father protects us and makes sure all of the things we need are available.
Psalm 37:4 tells us to "take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your hearts desires".  Our wants are met when we show God praise and gratitude for what we have been given. Christians automatically feel these things when we think of His goodness, we worship His faithfulness and thank Him constantly. 
What a giving and gracious God we serve! His loving kindness, grace, and mercy bring immeasurable joy to those of us who totally depend on Him to live.  Remember to thank God everyday for the everything that you have.  Happiness will grow each day, and God will bless you for the praise.

Peace and Love,